The Power of High Impact Teams


A Team, the hit movie, showed a group of soldiers taking on and defeating global intelligence agencies and foreign governments. What makes the movie stand out are its grand action sequences that were orchestrated by a mighty team of four, who constituted the A-Team, with each having a unique role to play. And, what we learn from the film is that even a small group of people with the right skillsets, expertise, and synchronization can stand up against all odds, and achieve their collective goal. 

India has proved its mettle in the IT services sector, but with the maturing of the product ecosystem, the very landscape of the technology sector is transforming. Emerging companies, fuelled by government initiatives, have focused themselves at innovation and ingenious technologies. In the recent years, we have seen increased investments in the hardware and product development space, with more global companies setting up innovation centres in India. Areas such as robotics, hardware, and automation are expanding, and so is the realm of engineering services and R&D jobs. We are witnessing a clear shift in the industry where conventional positions are evolving into high-skill demanding profiles.  

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Source: HumanCapital ; Dated: April 2018