Flexible automation for a future-ready supply chain


The e-commerce market has been in a frenzy putting exceptional pressure on the backend logistics. Many distribution facilities, and particularly those handling e-commerce, are embracing automation as the means to create competitive advantage. The study by Wall Street Journal*, also claims that automation is the key to next economic boom and adoption of robots lead to significant overall productivity growth. Robotics automation, AGVs, intelligent AMRs, (like the GreyOrange Butler Goods to Person System) and many other technology options are available, each with its own advantages, shouting out for attention. Amongst these, only a few technologies will survive and only 1or 2 would eventually go on to become mass adopted by the industry. 

We talked to customers all over the world and studied examples from other technology verticals to understand what could lead to the mass adoption of the new technologies. We found out that technologies that help foster business agility and faster strategy execution will ultimately win and sustain. These technologies should help supply chain become nimble, respond to uncertain changes effectively and ultimately shorten lead time from strategy to execution.   

Current automation solutions have proven inadequate to meet business needs. We at GreyOrange believe flexible technologies will be a game changer for supply chain automation. These systems make use of modular structures that can handle complex task, is easier to deploy or remove, and has an intelligent software backbone. The agility and self- learning intelligence helps operations become more transparent which helps in faster decision making. Flexible warehouse automation can provide the business agility needed to realize faster ROIs 

Flexible automation systems are built on five core elements:

     a.     Mobile systems that adapts to changes in material flow on the fly  
     b.     Modular design that offers flexibility in storage and layout
     c.     Collaborative robots that optimizes workflow between man, machine and material touchpoints
     d.     Connected agents that are locally connected and have a distributed control
     e.     Intelligent Software that stitches all the nodes and brings the flexible warehouse to life 

Building an agile supply chain cannot happen overnight but a flexible warehouse is a critical first step towards becoming an agile business. At GreyOrange we are revolutionizing the way you do business today by putting Flexibility Forward! Through the use of flexible automation and the power of AI, we prepare businesses for the future so that they focus on what they do best: create sell and innovate! 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin  

Source: https://on.wsj.com/2Qw1now


Gopal Krishna

Gopal is the global lead marketing at GreyOrange with interest in building corporate identities and communications for technology brands.